Boris for Blackjack ReadME Files

This web-section is part of Casino Gaming Software's on-going 2006 commitment to provide more integrated and relevant software support than ever before. Thanks to the internet, you can now get access to software documentation updates in a timely fashion without having to wait for the next Software CD to be released (software updates on Boris' Download page usually preceed the CD Release).


To make your life easier, this section will give you access to

 Boris' 4.43 ReadME File as well as Boris's new 4.44 ReadME File as well as Boris's new 4.45 ReadME File.

While this web-section may not be very fancy at this stage, it is the best I can do while being stricken with a nasty flu-virus.

However, at least, it is a beginning.


You can View Boris' 4.43 ReadME File.

- OR -

You can View Boris's new 4.44 ReadME File.

- OR -

You can View Boris's new 4.45 ReadME File.


If you have any questions about Boris' Software Updates, you can e-mail them to:

If you would like to submit your wishlist item for Boris, you can e-mail your ideas to:

(Please do not use the e-mail addresses for other than what they are intended. To do so, opens these e-mail addresses (installed for your benefit) to incessant Spamming (as happened last year, and since for the moment defeated). Thank You!